Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Gone and Back from Gone

I'm back from a long dunk in a slow tub with some things to say. First, off the usual topic of Punch the Pancake: halaka.org is back online. There will at some point be some explanation of what that was all about, if anyone's interested. No clue whether it'll stay online for any period of time right now, either. Second: Brad Sucks. He's an artist with some great self-produced music, and additionally he's put a compilation together called Outside the Inbox, which is, according to the site, "a compilation of songs inspired by and titled after the subject lines of mass-email (spam)." I'm especially fond of I Got Your Letter by Verbose, Urgent Business Relationship by Sir Frontalot, Urgent Business Confidential by Uncle Azathoth, and Look and Feel Years Younger by Brad Sucks. There are other great Brad Sucks songs on the site: We're Not Friends has a kick ass chorus and some "ooh ah" vocal harmony stuff that's wonderful. Listen to everything though if you can, this guy's good. Alright, so it's a short return for now, but the rest of the everyone are in an oilcan at the bottom of the ocean and I'm just trying to find a towel.