Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nothing Clever

This will come out looking horrible, as do all entries made in this fucked up new blogger interface that sticks paragraph breaks randomly wherever the fuck it wants, regardless of what... fuck... sendup squirt bottle Shemp is fucking dead.

So if you're creeping around here (and I don't know why that would be,) and you're not already aware (doubly), the halaka website has been shat back out into the disgrateful wild word wheat. Mitch has been busily reconfiguring the unconfigured and disembracing a whole gaggle of dead geese. Just be plaster. The official announcement of the official rebirth is forthcoming. You won't have heard it here, ever.

Old favorites Pornographic Priestess have got a new CD available. Go ask for one. Also, they've got an officious looking website.

Suck this, blogger.