Saturday, February 21, 2004

Messrs. Tender Jive Fingertrap and the Caltrop Display Case:

blueWank is so named onaccounta "It was written. On the note board at our first jam session. Nobody knows how it got there." If nobody knows how something got somewhere it's better than the alternative.

Let's digest this for a distended condition: there are six (upside down 9) musics in this section here, where their musics is. You've gotyer Happy Go Lucky, about a lawn ornament. There's this guy talking, like Lou Reed without sounding anything like Lou Reed, while some extended collection of the same sounding things over-and-overs itself (again or again.) "Never hesitating to put the bar in the middle." Sounds like a lot of keyboards, really, kind of, with some sounds coming out of them. Later things are in reverse for a while.

You can hear the selfsame voice saying some other things in Hello.Enthusiasm.Thank You. Or, if you prefer, you can join them while they're Waiting for Toast, where there's something else going on, vocally, and a distortion guitar, and a bikebell. It's clearly a bikebell, except maybe it's not. At any rate the dude ain't talking here, anymore, but sort of moaning some things out about how he's, believe it or don't, waiting for toast. Apparently it's taking too long.

Other importance: "blueWank uses and endorses pawn shop and garage sale equipment and toys. We enjoy the hum."

Thursday, February 19, 2004

vegetative hiding

Head, Neck, and Throat:

Hiding in the Rhubarb could possibly be behind the plant, but I doubt it. They've got two ditties, Applejuice and Demo. Applejuice is mellow the way your head feels when there's a pillow. Demo is mellow the way there's a cool breeze, with no words.

They're very sneaky, with no information about who or what. But Rhubarb, so.

Further, there's a fucking banner advertisement that fucking TALKS now. "Hi there, my name is Tina." Fucking fuck.