Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Mark Meat

I know nobody who looks exactly like Mark Meat. But in keeping with recent meat related filmy substance (and, likewise, with sometime cats of Fanch,) I've found it necessary to include a link here. Running around in Indiana, at least so it says, Mark Meat's got three songs there on IUMA. The first, Crime Free Loving, is an instrumental and, well, it flowed a bit around my edges, though not in an entirely unpleasant way. Need Your Love is a soulful, silly, highvoiced funky nuthouse tune that's catchy as all hell. Reminds me a bit of Neon Sandwich, who used to also run around in Indiana, or so I was led to believe. Not sure where to find those guys anymore to link to as all lines are erased at the tip. The final Mark Meat track, It's My Duty To Disappoint You is half evil sounding and half wacky, again, with that pitch-shifted stuff going on under or over a grungy, riffy sort of guitar maneuver. All around everything there's just a. Just. A. Yes.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Steve Leiberman

More from the man behind Bop Bop Bigger Bab-'el, Steve Lieberman.

Meat Me in The Bop Bop Gun

SoundClick's been doing good on the streaming stuff for the past week. Everyone is encouraged to go stream something. You'll glow in the dark afterwards, trust me. It's a mystical experience. The Throbz, totally overload everything on Meat. But there are bongos, and a guitar line that isn't overloading anything. There's a sort of stoner vibe. It's pretty cool, but the song's called Meat, man. Titles don't get any better. I think one of Fanch's other cats was called Meat, too. By me, anyway. I just realized that. There's something incredibly wrong with BOP BOP BIGGER BABel, in an incredibly right way. I'm loving this BOP GUN song. Everything's distorting, there's a big bed of everything all blurred into a noisy pile, with a flute thing jumping out clearly, a drum machine (I think), and his punk-goofball voice. In his own words: "one man performing Electronica epics using real instruments as bass guitars,flutes,trombones and exotics." One of the listed influences is Jethro Tull, and that influence is clear in another track, Preach the Deuteronomy. That flute amazes me. And there's a trombone or something. Listen to it all, eat a pancake, sit on a pile of cardboard. Yip yip.