Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Destroying What We're Pointing At

Paris Green, who continues to be a bunch of bands who aren't called Paris Green (I think,) changed all their songs around as soon as I reviewed them last time. Instead of fixing the old post, I'm updating this one. I think they're going to put those other songs back at some point, but in the meantime listen to Howard Roark Laughed - Delitescens Percipiere and Plastic Fur - Sanaa Recumbent, both of which are mellowish electronic experimentally-sounding atmosphered-with-samples pieces of song. And both of which are cool as hell. There's also still an Emoticons song up there, but since I already mostly pointed that stuff out last time, go there fer yourself if you wanna hear it. I'm getting lazy in my laziness.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

The Mark that Appears On Their Forehead

Anna Herbener, whose last name must've been created in a letterblender, or maybe a drawer, is really something. She's covering some other songs on her Iuma page here; these are well done and at any rate her cover of The Way got me to come and check out her page. But the real center-piece for me is The Japanese Quince, with its semi-creepy starkness, excellent (excellent) lyrics, and her incredibly distinctive voice.

But the Clamp was Firmly infirm

Paris Green sound like someone different on every song I've heard so far. That's a good thing, and probably (at least partially) explained by the fact that (based on their very brief bio) they're more of a collective of individual songmakers than a band. Synthetic Planes is a mellow instrumental that's mostly done on acoustic instruments. Mailbox Gary - Stuff They Had To Do is a fairly straightforward electronic piece for the most part, but gets pretty wiggly near the end. Which is good. summer without jUne is where the real good stuff happens. This is what we need more of; strumming acoustic guitars, half-out-of-whack singing. They're singing about "being here is like drinking warm bleach, you're always in my view but just out of reach." And that's definitely what it's like. I see that the three tracks I really dig are all lumped under the (band-name?) The Emoticons. They're all listed as album 1. So go there and be the bean. "This Candle of Forgotteness / It makes me wanna miss you all over again." Mmmm.

Got the Bag

I have a new beanbag RIGHT IN MY NIPPLE, here. Everyone, ALL FIVE MILLION OF YOU READING THIS THREE SECONDS AND A HALF AFTER I POST IT, drop everything you're doing and go listen to Got the Bag. The band, or the guy with a band-name, is Happy Plant Family and this time there are only TWO damned songs listed and no link to anywhere else to learn anything else about this goddamn bag. There are SO MANY UNANSWERED FREAKING QUESTIONS. For instance, where'd the bag come from? Where's the bag now? I assume the song's over, so what did Happy Plant Family do with the bag? Do they still got it? Or has it been usurped? THERE IS NO WEBSITE THAT I SEE THAT CAN ANSWER THESE FUCKING QUESTIONS, and they're all the way in fucking Iowa. I don't even know what that's around.

Bring the Music

Frustrating. Can't find anything much right now about PLiMP, but having just listened to Bring the Music I've gotta spread the spread. (I found this track because I think it may have been reviewed against one of ours at Garageband.) Lots of chaotic, acoustic groove going on (and I mean "acoustic" as in "non-electronic," which is a tough thing to find in these days of the patios, and the horticulturalist pantihose.) Shouty singing and a forefront toy-sounding recorder kinda deal. My whole real player crashed now, of course, so listening to the other two songs available on there just isn't working. So this is all you get. Leave it or put it in the bucket on the way out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I feel like I'm listening to Star Trek for a minute during Nommy The Faph's Lick My Eye_Stare. Then I start feeling like I'm dancing too much for a minute, or I'm in a... there's... see there's rhythm and what the hell's that there for? It gets kinda industrial there, then abruptly all ambient again. I think the teleporter's broken. You can also listen to Track two from 'Monday's Key', which must mean something in one of those strange languages I'm always hearing about.
Hey you missing membranes: taskot only has two tracks listed. The first one's not bad, but you should stream twophase, because it's fucking creepy.

I'm Probably Bound to Deceive You After All

(This is probably a temporary move, putting this here. Then again, maybe not.) Chonk has music (31 of the music) at soundlick (pause to turn on word wrap.) Chonk has a webpage at www.chonk.org. This computer has nothing but static-like gigantic noise-hole to come out of the speakers, but earlier I heard ONE ENTIRE OF THE ONE SONG of the Chonk on the soundclick and it was well enough alone to prompt me to want to go see what's the what. And I've seen it, without hearding it. So go heard it, I think if you have a bone in your testaclees you'll like it. Annie Feed Water are weird kids. That's what I titled the message I sent myself earlier to remind myself to go here. So there's something good there in their 33 (thirtythrees) musics. I understand that it's possibly stooping down to a bumperlevel to say "kids" about these people, but I'm an old man so I'm allowed to say whatever I want.