Friday, November 21, 2003

Not Anybody

Rick Williams is not Bob Dylan when he sings Good Life. There's a rhythm guitar. There's a lead slide guitar, probably using a battery as a slide. There's his voice not being Bob Dylan. "If you don't understand this song maybe you better listen and sing along." In Boycott McDonald's there's a lot of yelling. And noise. Help Unwanted is a marvel of technological dance music. There are instruments all over the place in this one. One time the vocals are on key in the one part, and one time in the chorus there's this part where the doubled vocal harmonizes. Jiving Around is exactly the same as the McDonald's song. I think it's the same song. Except this time it's called "Jiving Around." King Size Zero is where this guy is not Nirvana. There are drums, though. If you're still listening to these songs, by now you might be getting irritated. But then! Road One (rock version) comes on, and it's different. It's almost the same, but it's not, there's this different sound. The guy still almost doesn't ever hit a right note, but the drums, which might be a machine this time, sound fuller. It's almost as if this song, this rock version, this majestic explosion of spirit, was not recorded on a boom box. Just as I'm getting ready to state that this is really an excellent song, it just sorta stops. But that's okay, brevity is the soul of something. There are two more tracks on the site. I'll leave it up to the reader to form an opinion on those.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Trying to Stream Something

A sort of ambient, floating space; Jay C James with He Became a Satellite. A little bit Porcupine Tree, a little bit ChromaKey, but very cool. Soundclick's streaming is terrible at this point. If you like what you hear in the beginning download the mp3. The other two tracks don't do much for me, though the lyrics in Birthday are well done. Iuma's streaming is even worse, I can get nothing out of the radio stations. However, I'm able to stream music from random artists the stations try to play, and so I've found: From: joey Date: 02-12-2001 21:54:21 Subject: suck i listen on the site and say it suck So says the first commenter to The Basement Lounge Boys' site; how could I not listen? Floating somewhere around novelty and insanity (is there a line between?), songs like Lisa's Erection, American Psycho and Eat Out Babies try to find decency and punch it in the teeth. Then there's I Want Your Kids which has a little Residents going on, almost, until all that yelling starts. (Yeah, it's not exactly yelling. Tastes more like Doctor Pepper.) This stuff's all pretty well produced, good mixes and all that crap. Stylistically there's a lot of bouncing around.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Ode to a Cat

Broken Pin are, sometimes, broken. For example, in covering Linus and Lucy (Charlie Brown theme), they're broken. This isn't to say I don't enjoy the brokenness, and it's not to say that maybe it's not broken on purpose, but the song's been changed enough that it's recognizable and wrong at the same time. But then there's You Are My Sunshine [cover with llatan], which is just kick ass. It's broken, too, in some very obvious ways. Nearly 10 seconds before the female voice kicks in there is a whole buncha extra hiss added; presumably this is llatan, and presumably she recorded her part somewhere else, like maybe through a PC microphone. But this brokenness highlights for me what's so great about this free mp3 hosting stuff. And there are three covers of this same song available. Furthermore, Fanch's cat is currently broken. And Fanch's cat is Pin. And if that don't get him posting something here I don't know what will.

Killing Off the MP3s, One Dot at a Time

Down went, down went silently sunk beneath the rising tide. Now, which had already taken to sucking in its only-3-tracks-per-per mode of operation some time ago, is imploding. Whatever shall I? Do? nothingnothing? This linking to unheard-of mp3s thing, demonstrated here in a haphazard, not-done-nearly-enough method (what can one expect when ones halakamates all refuse to offer input?), is going to be in trouble if there are no longer any sites for storing/streaming/downloading unheard of mp3s. Already for my "recent" posts I've had to rely on linking to individual artist sites, which usually means I find what's already being linked to from someone else, and so the "unheard-of" part sort of flies out the box. Whatevershalli? In the coming some-period-of-time, I'm going to link to some artists who I linked to back when I started the Slippery Stump stations on, from which this place, in some roundabout sort of way, descended. A lot of the artists there don't have links to other sites of their own, so it's going to be difficult dealing with those. I'm downloading some mp3s now from those artists into a central repository here, thinking later maybe... something will happen. Everything will happen. IT will be glorious. I am wound like a pinenut. This may be a nasty business. As I search through the artist sites the sites link to, I find that a good many of them link back to when it comes to the part where they're supposed to be giving out mp3s. It's all a cyclical helical gizmo, and we're bound to eat our own tails because of it. For now: Bad Calm Zero is housed at Sound and Chaos. They were highlighted at our Slippery Mellow Stump station. I'm linking that now in the off chance anyone can get there and find what musics we had to show you there before it joins its dead brethren. Other Slippery Stumps: Slippery Stump Slippery Indie Crack Stump The Charred Stump The Slippery Kick Stump The Slippery Blue Grassy Stump Also: this gathering of artists from my stations idea was prompted by Mickale from Black Water Music, who sent me an e-mail. He's trying to centrally collect links of artists, and is looking for help. Once I've gotten my stations taken care of I'll probably send him the info.