Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I'm not sure whether I should be scared of this or not.


Ie spelled it right, but the you didn't read it, and then the consideration for a new "medal of Nobel prize" was once again denied me because of your god damn control over the entire civilization through the means of your satellites and the rockets you are launching withe towers that aren' ot actuall for cell phoen. I will howver continue to market my research into "brain eating phenemenum waves" and the way they are being used to make obsolute all of our best working men and weomsn and how they are used to deny us our immortlity which is our god given ability to as human bein. I have evdidence that we are able to live for ever or at least hundresds years longer than we now living and it is because 'science" has told us so! You can continue to deny me the awarding of the "medal of Nobel prize" because I know you will beut even then you will not be able for long to keep secrete things you are doing to prevent us from our god givens and that you are doing to maintian your own will of powers.

This is a warnsing, Ted

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tearing out my hair again

Albert Or Steve:

Your Moon Is Never As Bright As You Thought It Was, or so Police Helicopter would have you believe. However, you can sit there and gradually disperse into the backwards environments while hearing the sort of repetative, but somehow hypnotic, stand-up bass figure, accompanied by some constant, slight, quiet barrage of something that's probably single guitar notes flipped over backwards. Minimal, in the sense that there's not much going on.

They (he?) enter(s) a different sclaptration altogether with Say You Will, which is also minimal but this time consists of a... ? Some kind of plucked string sort of thing, possibly a bass guitar plugged straight into something, though that's not really what it sounds like to me. And a vocal. And some singing. Sort of primordial stuff. In Architecture it's almost more clear that I'm hearing a guitar. With everything sucked out of it but the bass tones. And that's all I'm hearing.

Sapless is one of his favorites he ever made. I can see why. Minimal again, but this time more viscous, with ominous repeated bass dronings and some rhythmic backwards treble-stuff. This one's worth hearing, as is the first one I mentioned. Beyond that I'm not sure. I'm gonna stop listening now.

Moving more horrendously toward a fiery death, without even listening to anything I'm all over The Secret Goldfish, who doesn't like the name of itself. They/he are/is "anti-music and anti-recording." So you can't beat that.

Though it's tempting to be anti-listening to them/him, I'm going to go with my guts and see where the juice lands. without tracks, trains are as lost as you or me is lovely and peaceful, and way more differenter than I suspected. This reminds me of Rain Theory; lots of clean, echoing, reverberating guitars. Backwards guitars run in and out, long, slow, e-bow-y stuff haunts the background. There are clicks and pops coming and going; they become more prominent as the song progresses. There's clearly something falling apart here, and the lefts and the rights decide to diverge along their own paths. This is brilliant.

chainsaw is a little disappointing at first, as i'm hearing that goddamn plugged-in-acoustic sound. But the song is crazy, weird, and catchy all at once. Vocals this time, quirky and unique. I'll give it a pass, even with that goddamned guitar sound. setting sail in large vessels is another great one, instrumental again and with much better sounding guitars than that last.

Let's just say you're better off if you go listen to all of this stuff, especially if you're into the mellow, raining, thought-or-trance inducing liquidity that I'm into. the lutz carillon is chilling, gradually building its offkilter effectedness until you can imagine what might be blood on the hotel walls. throw those sorrows out the window; the rainy days can't touch you adds some strange percussion over in my right ear to the layers of distorted and clean guitar atmospheres. There are also some bells. Bells. Chimey. Bellthings. This guy is probably eating meatballs on top of the moon, is what I think.

I've Just Realized Something...

My recent headings here (hell, maybe always), sound like the stupid titles for question categories on Win Ben Stein's Money. What a cinch-sack that makes me. I've recently come to hate those, though I hate them more, I think, for the fact that the morons in the audience are apparently forced to laugh at EVERY SINGLE TITLE that they use on that show than for anything to do with the titles themselves. They just exist, and don't, and do.

So what's this about? The Pornographic Priestess CD tears all of my monkeys off all of my walls. There's a track on there called O, Jesus that would fit nicely right up next to any of a number of (released or otherwise) halaka tracks.

What else is this about? I've slumpishly not been discovering anything new lately. I'm still missing the random streamingness of some of the mp3 sites in their haydays. Hey. Dey.

The telephone connected to no one is ringing.