Monday, January 19, 2004

brief visit to Vitaminic

Dragon C & Lizard M:

Went to Vitaminic today. On the artist side they've been slow as dead monkeys climbing trees. We've got one track there at this point - And, For Another Thing, It Doesn't Seem, Uh.

Downloading tracks works well, however. Here's just a few things (nothing outstanding.)

Niuz Pus are talking crazytalk on "La tazza discografica." I shan't believe that my failure to comprehend what's being vocalized here is in any way related to my inability to understand Italian as a language. There are dog barking sounds coming from a human mouth. There's a definite Mr. Bungle vibe here, with all the requisite style changes and juxtaposed instruments. Did Mike Patton deliver his peculiar brand of insanity to Italy, or did he pick it up from there?

GAV, from the UK, is decidedly more soothing. "Dreaming" is a mellow electronic piece with simple melodies over a somewhat complex bed of sound. "Ice Spy" is more upbeat, with an unfortunate reliance on traditional new-age sounding synth voices. Catchy melodies again, though, and a lot of interesting rhythmic work.