Monday, April 04, 2005

Although we didn't March, we shall April

Bubby and the Flies:

"And you will say 'I want to eat meat.'" [The word 'I want to eat'] is written without a 'vav' [Heb. achlah] which is similar to the word meaning 'I will destroy.' [Heb. akalah] This means that he desires to destroy and break his desires for physical things, which are called [in this verse] 'meat.' The meaning of this is that it is always the case that the desire of the soul is to destroy the desire for physical things. The holy Torah* teaches us that all his actions should only be to fulfil the will of his soul, which is learning Torah, doing mitzvos, good deeds and the fear of HaShem. From doing that he will break and nullify his physical nature.


Also please to be keeping in mind that the state of our being able to find relevant obtuse musics for your persusement is directionally improportionate to the singly underhanded destruction of the whollity of all of the once thriving, free mp3 sites.

In the absense of any description, or relevance, or calamity, let's:

Okay, sure, nevermindthen.

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