Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I'm Probably Bound to Deceive You After All

(This is probably a temporary move, putting this here. Then again, maybe not.) Chonk has music (31 of the music) at soundlick (pause to turn on word wrap.) Chonk has a webpage at www.chonk.org. This computer has nothing but static-like gigantic noise-hole to come out of the speakers, but earlier I heard ONE ENTIRE OF THE ONE SONG of the Chonk on the soundclick and it was well enough alone to prompt me to want to go see what's the what. And I've seen it, without hearding it. So go heard it, I think if you have a bone in your testaclees you'll like it. Annie Feed Water are weird kids. That's what I titled the message I sent myself earlier to remind myself to go here. So there's something good there in their 33 (thirtythrees) musics. I understand that it's possibly stooping down to a bumperlevel to say "kids" about these people, but I'm an old man so I'm allowed to say whatever I want.

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