Monday, August 04, 2003

found again by accident the thing i never lost

Sometimes I don't want to put any words down; there's no need to interpret because the music's speaking so firmly right to the very center of me. It shifts my chameleon self so that I'm not who I thought I was before listening. On tapestry - 2 Aaron Lennox, who is phrase, plays (and possibly loops, though I'm not sure) an acoustic guitar piece that fully takes my spirit and throws it out to float above some calm ocean. Halfway through the piece there is a low-mixed humming that just... there aren't any words, like I said. as we see shall none be(excerpt) showcases a beautiful and soft female voice and a haunting melody. There's not a piece here that doesn't maintain this strange, ambient, otherworldly spell; once I get there I can't imagine leaving. The production is perfect, leaving in sniffles and breathing and cat-noises and the occasional chuckle, all only serving to enhance the effect somehow, to more fully express the soul of the material. Aaron Lennox is also a part of Rain Theory. They're from Middletown, MD, which makes us practically neighbors. If you want to stream all of the phrase songs (and I know you do,) click here.

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