Wednesday, August 27, 2003

ghosts in the headphones

In my headphones right now, with all the gain on all the available knobs pumped all the way up, I'm picking up the very faint voices of some (German?) foreign broadcast. It's barely a whisper, it comes and goes, the buzzing is ... Now I can hear an english speaking voice, "USA and North Korea..." with some accent I can't quite make out. "All sides must strive to seek a common ground..." Oh shit, it's going through the MXR delay. Maybe that's what's picking it up. No, playing with knobs again I find that it's all coming through the PRS guitar plugged into the mixer. There's enough sound now that I may be able to record it. Is it picking up something through the floor? I blew out my ears picking up the guitar, the cable's faulty, the click when I moved the thing was deafening. I'm trying to record it now; the voices finally returned. I recorded some very amplified, very quiet (but made amazingly loud) noises with it first. These voices, though. Ghosts. Ah, got them. They're barely there, but they're there. These are important moments for me. No one reads the moments.

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