Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Death of the Shooting Arm

My shooting arm's getting very sore, right in the tricep, from sitting and trackballing too much. That's a sad statement. Sometimes I think I'd like a do-over.

Found Uterine Fury, not sure how. Some MP3s include work by Natur'es Incubator (tha's the way they spell it,) like The Madbird - "you rubbed this in a rabbit's eye." I'm pleasantly surprised by the vocals here, droning and hypnotic, with strange (and very cool) harmonies. Sometimes they sound a little shaky, but these lyrics and this melancholy feel are suitable to my inept paucity. Some samples of birds and water are a good touch. The song stretches across its length surprisingly well, drifting from the dronings to some drum-machine rhythms with moody clean electric guitar. Also listen to Waltz of the 2 Eyed Spider; possibly just these two titles can indicate to the more pay-attentioning of readers why I might be interested.

Further things I should calcify (for my own sake as much as that of any of you not reading) -- I often talk about MCLD, who I "know" (in the online, how-can-we-really-know-anybody-this-way sense) as Dan, in the same grammatical structure as The Bellerophon, who had music I liked on back when had music on it. So yesterday I was looking at Samscam, to which I've had bookmarks for years and years, and I came to understand some of what maybe I was told before (because I do remember some words from Dan about this at some point,) but which I'd maybe never digested. Dan apparently at some point worked with the Bellerophon, but their primary instigator is this Sam person. Who I've probably also spoken to at some point in the past. Obviously these two guys are friends in some capacity, and possibly I've never actually said anything about Dan having been the main Bellerophon person, but in case I did hint in that direction at some point, I just want to apologize now and clear up that I do (now, anyway,) understand what the hell's going on. I think I get confused by these short-a sounds in one syllable names. It's just too much for my feeble capacitors.

At any rate, while you're hopping around those links (you are following the links, right?) be sure to listen to some of the music Sam makes -- from the Bellerophon as well as missmyheartbeats.

Another recent discovery - Danfezzeko Padekodus.

That is all.