Thursday, June 02, 2005

I've Just Realized Something...

My recent headings here (hell, maybe always), sound like the stupid titles for question categories on Win Ben Stein's Money. What a cinch-sack that makes me. I've recently come to hate those, though I hate them more, I think, for the fact that the morons in the audience are apparently forced to laugh at EVERY SINGLE TITLE that they use on that show than for anything to do with the titles themselves. They just exist, and don't, and do.

So what's this about? The Pornographic Priestess CD tears all of my monkeys off all of my walls. There's a track on there called O, Jesus that would fit nicely right up next to any of a number of (released or otherwise) halaka tracks.

What else is this about? I've slumpishly not been discovering anything new lately. I'm still missing the random streamingness of some of the mp3 sites in their haydays. Hey. Dey.

The telephone connected to no one is ringing.

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