Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I'm not sure whether I should be scared of this or not.


Ie spelled it right, but the you didn't read it, and then the consideration for a new "medal of Nobel prize" was once again denied me because of your god damn control over the entire civilization through the means of your satellites and the rockets you are launching withe towers that aren' ot actuall for cell phoen. I will howver continue to market my research into "brain eating phenemenum waves" and the way they are being used to make obsolute all of our best working men and weomsn and how they are used to deny us our immortlity which is our god given ability to as human bein. I have evdidence that we are able to live for ever or at least hundresds years longer than we now living and it is because 'science" has told us so! You can continue to deny me the awarding of the "medal of Nobel prize" because I know you will beut even then you will not be able for long to keep secrete things you are doing to prevent us from our god givens and that you are doing to maintian your own will of powers.

This is a warnsing, Ted

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