Thursday, November 20, 2003

Trying to Stream Something

A sort of ambient, floating space; Jay C James with He Became a Satellite. A little bit Porcupine Tree, a little bit ChromaKey, but very cool. Soundclick's streaming is terrible at this point. If you like what you hear in the beginning download the mp3. The other two tracks don't do much for me, though the lyrics in Birthday are well done. Iuma's streaming is even worse, I can get nothing out of the radio stations. However, I'm able to stream music from random artists the stations try to play, and so I've found: From: joey Date: 02-12-2001 21:54:21 Subject: suck i listen on the site and say it suck So says the first commenter to The Basement Lounge Boys' site; how could I not listen? Floating somewhere around novelty and insanity (is there a line between?), songs like Lisa's Erection, American Psycho and Eat Out Babies try to find decency and punch it in the teeth. Then there's I Want Your Kids which has a little Residents going on, almost, until all that yelling starts. (Yeah, it's not exactly yelling. Tastes more like Doctor Pepper.) This stuff's all pretty well produced, good mixes and all that crap. Stylistically there's a lot of bouncing around.

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