Friday, November 21, 2003

Not Anybody

Rick Williams is not Bob Dylan when he sings Good Life. There's a rhythm guitar. There's a lead slide guitar, probably using a battery as a slide. There's his voice not being Bob Dylan. "If you don't understand this song maybe you better listen and sing along." In Boycott McDonald's there's a lot of yelling. And noise. Help Unwanted is a marvel of technological dance music. There are instruments all over the place in this one. One time the vocals are on key in the one part, and one time in the chorus there's this part where the doubled vocal harmonizes. Jiving Around is exactly the same as the McDonald's song. I think it's the same song. Except this time it's called "Jiving Around." King Size Zero is where this guy is not Nirvana. There are drums, though. If you're still listening to these songs, by now you might be getting irritated. But then! Road One (rock version) comes on, and it's different. It's almost the same, but it's not, there's this different sound. The guy still almost doesn't ever hit a right note, but the drums, which might be a machine this time, sound fuller. It's almost as if this song, this rock version, this majestic explosion of spirit, was not recorded on a boom box. Just as I'm getting ready to state that this is really an excellent song, it just sorta stops. But that's okay, brevity is the soul of something. There are two more tracks on the site. I'll leave it up to the reader to form an opinion on those.

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